About Placing Orders

Q: The system is asking for my students teacher, but he/she is in junior/senior high and has multiple teachers. Which teacher should I enter?
A: Any teacher you like. The field is required, but the teacher’s name does not matter for junior/senior high students.

Q: Can I order lunches for all of my children?
A: Yes. You must order a lunch for each child (simply set up a student for each child and select the appropriate lunches for each), and pay for all orders at once.

Q: What is the deadline for placing orders?
A: Orders must be placed by Wednesday at 9pm for the following week.

Q: What if my student didn't order lunch but needs one for the day?
A: Students may purchase lunch at Holy Grounds Café. The Café stocks many delicious and nutritious options at reasonable prices. Younger students should make arrangements with the office or their teacher to have someone take them to the Café to purchase their lunch.

Q: Can I write a check for lunches instead of using a credit card?
A: Yes. Checks written for lunches result in a credit to your lunch account against which you then order lunches online. Make checks payable in whatever amount you desire to “FRCS” and write “lunch” in the memo line. Lunch checks MUST be turned in at the SCRIP table during normal SCRIP hours or with your elementary student’s weekly folder (as with other SCRIP orders). If at any time your lunch account runs out while you’re placing an order, you have the option to use a credit card to cover the remaining balance. Credits for checks are entered before the end of the day on the day the check is submitted to the SCRIP table.

Q: I am staff at FRCS, can I order lunches, too?
A: Yes. Create a new “student,” entering your name in the appropriate fields. From the grade drop-down box, select the “Staff” option. You may use your last name for the teacher last name field. Then you can place orders for yourself just as for students. Staff prices and policies for the lunch program are the same as for students.

About Cancelling Orders and Missed Lunches

Q: Can I cancel a meal once the order has been placed?
A: Meals can be cancelled until 9pm on Wednesday prior to the week in which you wish to cancel a meal. Please note that cancelled meals result in a credit to your account which can be used to purchase other lunches.

Q: How do I cancel a meal?
A: To cancel a meal, log in to your account. On the main page there is a “Meals Order” section, there you will see a link that says “cancel” next to the days for which you have ordered. Click that link and confirm that you would like to cancel this meal. A credit for the value of the meal(s) will be added to your account. Meals must be cancelled by Wednesday, 9pm, of the week the preceding the lunch in order to receive the credit.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Because lunches are ordered in advance, we are unable to offer refunds. Meals cancelled by the deadline will result in a credit to your account which can then be applied to other meals. We cannot offer refunds or credits for missed meals.

Q: What happens if I my child is sick?
A: Because lunches are ordered and paid for by the school in advance, we are unable to issue refunds or credits for children who are absent from school due to illness. Please be sure to cancel your meals by the Wednesday the week before if you know your child will be out for a planned absence.

About the Lunches

Q: What is the price for each meal?
A: The price for lunch, including the salad bar, is $5 when ordered ahead of time.

Q: What is the portion sizes for the hot meal?
A: A server distributes food to each student as they pass through the lunch line. We order one meal per child, so there are no leftovers. The salad bar portion sizes are limited to the size of the plate.

Q: What are the drink options with the meals?
A: Beverages are not served with meals, though water is available. If they prefer something else, students are welcome to bring their own beverage or, depending on where they eat lunch, purchase a beverage from Holy Grounds or the vending machines in The Commons.

Q: How do you track the lunch orders and students moving through the line?
A: Each day a spreadsheet with the names and orders of all students to receive lunch that day is printed. Students will be checked off the list as they go through the line, verifying that each student has paid for lunch that day.

Q: What if my student has food allergies or dietary restrictions?
A: Because we only offer one lunch each day (entrée option and salad bar), we are unable to accommodate special requests for meals due to allergies or other dietary restrictions. Please take your child’s allergies and restrictions into consideration when placing your orders. If you have questions about ingredients used for a specific meal, please check the website of the vendor or email lunches@frcs.org.

Other Questions

Q: What is your lunch program privacy policy?
A: We will not sell or disclose any contact information submitted through our site to any third party. All personal information is kept confidential. We will only use your contact information to correspond with you about important matters concerning our lunch program.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about the lunch program?
A: Please use our online form or email lunches@frcs.org.