• A calendar of menu items will be published on this site at least monthly. The FRCS lunch website and the FRCS Times will have links to a lunch calendar that also shows dates for known field trips and other events that may impact a parents need to order lunch on a specific day.

• All menu items are subject to change based upon availability of quality ingredients and to accommodate special school events.

• Lunches must be ordered and paid for in advance. Payment can occur on this website (via credit card) or by check submitted to the SCRIP table at FRCS. Checks result in a credit to your online account for the amount of the check, and meals ordered will debit that account. 

Orders must be placed by 9pm the Wednesday of the week prior to the lunch you wish to order. Meals may also be cancelled until this time. After this deadline, all sales are final.

• No refunds are given; credit is issued for cancelled meals and will show up in your online account. There are no credits or refunds given for missed meals (due to illness or other absence).

• Due to Health Code policies, personal food items cannot be held in the kitchen refrigerator or reheated by kitchen staff.

• For a complete list of commonly asked questions, please refer to our FAQ.

• Questions and comments should be submitted through our online form or by emailing lunches@frcs.org.


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